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Let’s face it. Divorce is hard, and probably more so than you ever thought possible. Navigating these challenging times can take an emotional toll on everyone involved. In most cases, the home is the most valuable asset that needs to be divided.

Katina is a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert®  who is passionate about helping divorcing homeowners navigate the details of selling the marital home during divorce. This is not your traditional real estate transaction and it should NOT be treated as such.

Resources for Divorce Attorneys

If you’re a Family Law Attorney, odds are you’re dealing with real estate issues. We’ve compiled all necessary documents for easy access. We also sponsor, monthly CLE webinars for the family law community.

Katina Farrell is a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert®  who can help your clients navigate the process of selling the marital home for more money and the least amount of conflict possible.

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Family Law Attorneys, here is your quick access portal for requesting documents. Complete the form & we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

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Real Estate Market Updates

The Market Updates quickly in today’s world, we publish the latest insights to keep you in the know. Rates, inventory, changes in the law, & more!

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What is a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert®?

A Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert® (CDRE) is a Realtor who has passed a rigorous and continual certification program by attorneys, mediators, certified mortgage professionals, real estate professionals, and judicial officers. As a crossover between real estate and family law, a CDRE® handles the sale of real property in divorce cases as a neutral expert. Attorneys and divorcing clients can count on a CDRE® to help resolve their cases.

With over 40 hours of training along with continual case studies & mastermind sessions, Katina Farrell knows the importance of being an unbiased, neutral third party during the home sale & divorce project. As part of her training, she has completed the following courses with the Ilumni Institute:

  • The Anatomy of Divorce
  • The Landscape of Divorce Finance
  • Divorce Court 101
  • Ethics of CDREs
  • Communicate with Power
  • How to Sell a House in Conflict
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