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Explore valuable resources for Family Law Attorneys provided by a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert. Enhance your legal expertise with insights into real estate matters within the context of divorce. Access a wealth of knowledge to support your clients and navigate the complexities of property-related issues in family law cases.

Working with a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert®

A Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert® (CDRE®) is a real estate professional who has undergone specialized training to navigate the unique challenges associated with real estate transactions in the context of divorce. CDREs possess a deep understanding of the legal, financial, and emotional aspects of divorce and aim to provide neutral, unbiased support to individuals going through the divorce process.

Katina, as a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert®, brings extensive expertise to the table. With over 24 years as a dedicated Realtor®, she has honed her skills in family law-based real estate sales. Her in-depth knowledge of divorce psychology and property division allows her to serve as a neutral third party in complex divorce matters. Katina goes beyond traditional real estate roles, offering comprehensive assistance to divorcing couples, addressing legal, financial, and emotional ties to their homes. Her commitment to delivering favorable outcomes reflects her passion, dedication, and profound understanding of the market dynamics and collaboration with family law professionals. Katina’s approach ensures that every client receives optimal results while navigating the intricate process of divorce-related real estate transactions.

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Attorney Documents

This is a complimentary service provided by Katina Farrell, CDRE® to the legal community for the purposes of providing documents and data necessary for real estate issues in family law matters. See the Complimentary Documents you can order below.

For Court-ready Fair Market Valuation reports, there is a fee involved. Therefore, please contact our office to place an order for formal valuations. The standard turn-around time for data requested is usually 24-48 hours.

Should your needs require a faster turn-around, please contact Katina directly on 720-295-8848.

Fill out the Request Form to get started.

  • Grant Deed
  • Deeds of Trust
  • Legal Description
  • Property Profile
  • Fair Market Valuation
  • Fair Market Rental Valuation
  • Chain of Title
  • Other

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Embrace a new approach to divorce with Raising The Bar CLE events that address the dynamics of family divorce. Find guidance on navigating the complexities, including dealing with a Narcissist.

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